The joys of lewd MMOs

The elin race of TERA

So a friend of mine has gotten me back into MMOs by introducing me to TERA. I’ve played WoW for a while but quickly lost interest. This isn’t the case with TERA. I am really growing to like the unique combat system and don’t even get me started about the Elins…. oh god the Elins. The all female race of tiny little animal eared lolis are so adorable!! >.<

TERA is somewhat of a “fanservicey” game but honestly that doesn’t bother me. Most games try to use sex to mask their shortcomings but I really don’t get that vibe from this game. Don’t get me wrong, TERA is far from a perfect game but I have lots of hope for it. Since its free to play done well, I recommend any MMO or anime fan to check it out!

Just watch out for that ERP (erotic roleplay)  😉 It happens a LOT, for some people that’s good… others bad. Its up to you to decide :3