An important moment for the A320 sim

For the longest time, I’ve always had a bit of a worry with my A320 project. I had not made enough progress to ensure I wouldn’t give up and be left with another unfinished project that slowly fades away… something that has happened many times before.

I’m happy to say I reached a point where I think that would be difficult. I got my hands on design files for the MIP, Pedestal, and Sidestick box. Using these files I have been able to determine all the measurements for the main structure pieces!

This allows me to get past the huge initial hurdle. I’m super excited to see the upcoming progress this will be leading to. The design calls for 10mm MDF which is tricky to find in my area… so i’m hoping that 3/8″ will work without too many issues. Only time will tell.

I also received a set of replica engine start switches from a fellow simmer from China off of eBay.

Designed in aluminum with glass/acrylic inlay, they far surpass anything I could manufacture on my own. They are designed to slide onto regular toggle switches and be held by a set screw. Im super eager to eventually have them in the cockpit.