The MIP has arrived!

As I mentioned in the last post, I ordered the MIP for my sim from HomeCockpits. They Arrived sooner than I had expected and are quite nice quality.

Once I got them home I discovered that they didn’t quite fit the support structure I have been building. At one point I was considering scrapping what I had built and starting over. However I ultimately decided to modify my build. The captain side and middle sections now fit as they should on the support structure….. but I think it’s very likely that ill be having to make more adjustments down the road.

I am eager to start building the pedestal but I would like to get my hands on more components first so I know that I am building it in the proper scale. I am eyeing some of the products from as well as some more panels from HomeCockpits.

Layout begins!

Like I mentioned in my last post, I acquired a 3d model and thus dimensions for my cockpit. That combined with some free time I began laying out some pieces on plywood. My plans called for 10mm MDF but that is near impossible to find in my area so I chose 11mm poplar plywood… not the cheapest option at $31.44 CAD but for the structure of the MIP it should work really nicely.

I bought three 24×48 inch sheets and have all of them nearly filled and ready to cut.

I haven’t had time to pull out the saw and cut them yet but I am super excited to do so soon!

To draw them as precisely as possible I did pick up some additional tools.. First up was a Metric 300mm T-Rule and Protractor both from Incra Tools. Neither of which are cheap but allow me to mark to a fraction of a MM or degree. To compliment these precision rulers I bought a nice 0.5mm mechanical pencil. (0.5mm is required to fit in the marking holes on the rulers)

I chose the Kuru Toga Roulette Model 0.5mm. I’ve been wanting a nice quality pencil for a while now and this seems to fit the bill. This pencil is unique in the fact that the lead rotates as you use it to keep it evenly tapered, sharp, and precise.

I hope this post didn’t seem too much like an advertisement! I have 10 pieces ready to cut and am excited to hopefully update you all on that soon. 🙂

An important moment for the A320 sim

For the longest time, I’ve always had a bit of a worry with my A320 project. I had not made enough progress to ensure I wouldn’t give up and be left with another unfinished project that slowly fades away… something that has happened many times before.

I’m happy to say I reached a point where I think that would be difficult. I got my hands on design files for the MIP, Pedestal, and Sidestick box. Using these files I have been able to determine all the measurements for the main structure pieces!

This allows me to get past the huge initial hurdle. I’m super excited to see the upcoming progress this will be leading to. The design calls for 10mm MDF which is tricky to find in my area… so i’m hoping that 3/8″ will work without too many issues. Only time will tell.

I also received a set of replica engine start switches from a fellow simmer from China off of eBay.

Designed in aluminum with glass/acrylic inlay, they far surpass anything I could manufacture on my own. They are designed to slide onto regular toggle switches and be held by a set screw. Im super eager to eventually have them in the cockpit.