MIP Support Structure Taking Shape

Over the past few days I’ve been working on the support structure for the MIP. The pilot’s side and the middle section is mostly done at this point. The first officer side will be a bit longer because I decided to modify the design a bit. I’m planning on making it easily separable from the rest of the panels. This will make transportation easier down the road.

I also made the decision to buy the MIP itself from homecockpits.fr. Its a bit of a complex piece and they can do a better quality and likely quicker job than I could with this piece. The parts came to a total of €495.00 or $685.58 CAD. Not exactly cheap but hopefully worth the price! It is made to order and will be customized with my aircraft registration and SELCAL. C-FOLF will live! (I’m just not sure when) :p

I’m heading back to work soon, but if I have time I may start working on the pedestal. I’m excited to see that take shape. I can put my real airbus door control panel in it right away!

An important moment for the A320 sim

For the longest time, I’ve always had a bit of a worry with my A320 project. I had not made enough progress to ensure I wouldn’t give up and be left with another unfinished project that slowly fades away… something that has happened many times before.

I’m happy to say I reached a point where I think that would be difficult. I got my hands on design files for the MIP, Pedestal, and Sidestick box. Using these files I have been able to determine all the measurements for the main structure pieces!

This allows me to get past the huge initial hurdle. I’m super excited to see the upcoming progress this will be leading to. The design calls for 10mm MDF which is tricky to find in my area… so i’m hoping that 3/8″ will work without too many issues. Only time will tell.

I also received a set of replica engine start switches from a fellow simmer from China off of eBay.

Designed in aluminum with glass/acrylic inlay, they far surpass anything I could manufacture on my own. They are designed to slide onto regular toggle switches and be held by a set screw. Im super eager to eventually have them in the cockpit.

Long time no see

Wow! it’s been a while since my last post here. Life sure has gotten busy and hectic for me…. and while I guess many people eh? There haven’t really been any big projects on my radar but I’m happy to say that’s going to change. My new job has allowed me to be able to buy a tool I’ve wanted for a very long time…

I bought a 60W Laser cutter/engraver! Ultimately I hope to be able to start making an Airbus A320 flight simulator. I have started doing some planning work on it already and of course will post here when I am able to start working on this project. I do have some smaller laser projects in mind and I will keep you updated on those as well. This laser is quite a beast weighing over 300 lbs and with a work bed of 20 x 28 inches. It will take a while to set up and start learning, but im super eager and excited!

That’s about all I have for now. Hope everyone stays safe and healthy!

Happy Holidays!