Long time no see

Wow! it’s been a while since my last post here. Life sure has gotten busy and hectic for me…. and while I guess many people eh? There haven’t really been any big projects on my radar but I’m happy to say that’s going to change. My new job has allowed me to be able to buy a tool I’ve wanted for a very long time…

I bought a 60W Laser cutter/engraver! Ultimately I hope to be able to start making an Airbus A320 flight simulator. I have started doing some planning work on it already and of course will post here when I am able to start working on this project. I do have some smaller laser projects in mind and I will keep you updated on those as well. This laser is quite a beast weighing over 300 lbs and with a work bed of 20 x 28 inches. It will take a while to set up and start learning, but im super eager and excited!

That’s about all I have for now. Hope everyone stays safe and healthy!

Happy Holidays!

2020 update

Hello all! Hope you have been well over the holidays. I’m writing this post to just give a minor update. Is you’ve seen I’ve been mainly using this blog as a place to post my progress on my Objects in Space Arduino build. However the game has albeit abandoned by the developer in a move that gave its loyal fans virtually zero proper communication. The game claims to be in a 1.0 full release and yet is still plagued by bugs and being sold at full price, with little to no hope that things will be fixed.

It’s because of that I rather reluctantly urge people to NOT buy the game and support this habit that Flat Earth Games has gotten themselves into…. this isn’t the only game they have done this to. This game had SO MUCH potential and it hurts to see it tossed in the trash. Therefor I’m putting my OiS arduino project on hold for now.

As for the fate of this blog I intend to keep it alive and thriving. I am working on other arduino projects and just started attending college to be a Wind Turbine Technician. So needless to say I have a wealth of electronics information coming my way.

Thanks for all the support thus far!