Finally an update on the A320!

Work and life in general has been pretty hectic lately so updates have been pretty slow… But I had a user on the FlyByWire discord suggest I make more posts. So I’m going to make an effort to do that.

I ended up buying a real Airbus component. A cockpit door control panel. (119VU) Not the most exciting panel but one of the cheapest. It is also a great source of reference material! Paint color, a korry switch/indicator, toggle switch, pushbutton, backlighting color, dzus fasteners and of course the panel sizes themselves!

Once I got it I spent a while admiring the wiring and trying to reverse engineer it. I eventually got it all lit up and was happy to find that it all worked!

Aside from that ive been collecting a bunch of pictures and reference documents, even some wood and tools! I’m super excited! It looks like I’ll be starting on the pedestal first. In the next post I’ll go into a bunch more detail about all the small things I’m trying to sort out. Like paint colors and actual panel construction.

Thanks for reading!