Launch Torpedoes!

Again, not too much progress to report. The updates may get a little less frequent than they have been. I had to cut back on some spending due to an unexpected vet bill. >.> However items I have ordered continue to trickle in. One of which is my torpedo launch button!

Momentary Anodized Aluminum Launch Button

I plan on mounting this launch button within a plastic safety cover. We don’t want any accidental fires! I’m hoping the button fits in this cover… might be a bit of a tight fit. We’ll find out when it arrives!

For selecting torpedo tubes I plan on using “elevator-like” illuminated switches. If space permits, I hope to have buttons for all 8 torpedo tubes. Even though the game currently only supports selecting tubes 1-5 via serial. This is being changed in a future update. I have not ordered these buttons yet.

Another item I did receive is a nifty little USB voltmeter/ ammeter. I thought it may prove useful to keep track of my Arduino’s power consumption. I still haven’t decided if a powered USB hub will be enough or if I will need to have an external power supply.

Additionally, I also just got a cheap and super basic mini oscilloscope. Its not particularly needed for anything on this project but I’ve kinda always wanted to mess around with one and couldn’t say no to the price. ($18)

And finally, my tower structure should be ready to receive its 1/4″ MDF front pieces. I just had to add the crosspiece at the end of the foot. It’s top is cut at 15 degrees to be flush with the other pieces. I’ll post my measurements for the towers at a later date.