Max7219 Displays

The common 8 digit Max7219 module

I’ve always loved the retro feel seven segment displays give off and I feel they are an awesome fit for the aesthetic of “Objects in Space”. Today I was able to overcome a problem that was stumping me for a while… How to display 2 dynamic length integer variables on the same display with blank leading digit padding…. now that’s a mouthful. I’m happy to say I did crack it and manage to come up with something that looks good!

I’m kind of taking a “More is More” approach for building this console. I want new users to be somewhat overwhelmed by all the displays, LEDs, switches, ect. So Id love to have many of these displays on the panel displaying a wealth of info. Not all of which will be immediately useful when playing the game, but in in “reality” would be found in a spaceship bridge. I’m also thinking having an auxiliary panel somewhere displaying the players bank funds on a 7-seg display would be cool…. somehow making it fit “plausible lore” as well.